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The MLM Gift/Donation Plan is the Brand new concept.This is a community of ordinary people helping each other.There are no lenders and no debtors. Every Thing is very simple

The System completely belongs to people. Without fools! It is a real mutual aid fund, where ordinary people help each other.

MLM Global Solution has team of experts capable to develop and design such gift plan for the Multi-Level Marketing Companies who provide their legal consent in their respective country. There are various features in the software aspect provide help,get help,help transaction reports, auto or manual link assignments, receipt uploading feature etc

MLM GLOBAL SOLUTION provides a complitly automated software with integrated secure and safe Crypto Currency APi.

MLM GLOBAL SOLUTION provides fully loaded MLM SOFTWARE with BTC, ETH, DOGECOIN etc. Api Thats why we commeted for complitly automatic operation in our software.

MLM GLOBAL SOLUTION provides safe, secure & Reliable software with Crypto Currency APis which makes Software very usefull and less time consuming with accuracy of Transctions.

if you just want to start your own MLM business like such plan then is the right place for you and become your thought successful.

Some Key Features of Crypto Currency APis :-

Auto Payment Transaction.(BTC, ETH, DOGECOIN etc. Api)

Auto Topup/Order Confirmation.(BTC, ETH, DOGECOIN etc. Api)

Auto Withdrwal.(BTC, ETH, DOGECOIN etc. Api)

All Transaction History Details.(BTC, ETH, DOGECOIN etc. Api)

Some Key Features of The help or donation software:-

Auto or Manual Link Assignment.

Provide Help History.

Get Help History.

Rejected Help History.

Upload Payment Receipt

Total Provide Help Report

Total Get Help Report

Downline wise Provide and get help History and all features of mlm software like downline,direct downline etc.

Some Key Features of The Mlm Global Solution's Help or Donation Plan Software:-

Fast,Secure And Reliable.

Attractive GUI Representation.

All Kinds Of Bonuses Statement.

Easy to manage Control panel.

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