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The term epin denotes electronic pin MLM surroundings leads with epin concept to frame the gateway of secure transaction and taking more membership.We are providing such solution in MLM software epins not only make easy transaction and also have the salient feature of encrypted distributions and more users friendly epin is generates in the form of alpha numeric for alive covenant.

The foremost applicable payment on MLM is epin which is generate by software more secure to originate the epin.To take over the more secure transaction some of them use epin from that node collect the payment from members.Many of the MLM likes to promote the site with epin concept for secure and easy payment mode because of its versatile nature only spend with less time of effort for belonging conclusion.

The selling of products or investments and simply collect from epin in exclusive way of transactions, It may varied on feature list of requirement basis. The software generates numerous numbers of epins for appropriate amount, which is pass over or delivery via email or sms or user panel and also monitor with epin status on secure transactions.

Same way the epin availability is created by MLM software there is no need to get the restriction of it, will get infinity number of epin which is a auto generated one,which make the business as more flexible matured one. Also it consumed with epin reporting facility on monitoring destination. You can able to track every epin penetrator and also available to send as mail.

Some Key Features of The Plan:-

Complete lifecycle Management of every E-Pin .

User Friendly Interface.

Any number of E-Pin types can be created.

Encryption and voucher tracking capabilities reduces risk of theft and loss of vouchers.

Enables distribution and management of vouchers through Franchise / Member Ordering Concept.

Complete tracking of the voucher.

Blocking Voucher Facility.

Voucher Printing on preprinted stationary at your own office.

Exporting to Excel / Word.

E-pin can be sent through Email / Fax.