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Government or local authority like hire-purchase, nature, insurance business, leasing, chit business but does not involved in any institution or organization whose main business is of industrial, agriculture, purchase or sale activities of any products, goods or providing any construction services of immovable property. Society is a Plan and made by some local people,The principal business of receive deposits under the scheme in one lump-sum or installments by way of contributions or in any other manner.

MLM Global Solution is one of then leading software company in India which providing fully customizable software for Society. Our one of core team is fully dedicated and experienced in developing the Society software to start such company or institutions

Some Key Features of The Plan:-

Loan Scheme-Our software acts as a loan scheme generator, custom schemes are also easy to create, update, or delete as per the requirement.

Loan Management-It includes features for receiving a loan application, checking it for eligibility, setting loan amount, and calculating EMI. Everything to manage complete loan cycle with convenience.

Due Date Alert-Software includes automated due date alert system, alerting hundreds of customers about EMI amount and due date on a predefined date.

Access to Account-Customers get the convenience of accessing their account without visiting the company

Reports-Our software includes utility features by presenting comprehensive reports, receipts, and graphical charts.